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  • Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

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Product of the month - Transformed By The Spirit & The Faith of Warriors

Track 8: Dare to Believe

"Do I have faith? Yes, every day faith is different from daring faith where it is impossible, it is challenging.

Daring faith is what we need in this end times. I want to encourage you my brothers and sisters, listen very carefully, there will always be collateral damage in any war. People will die.

You don't give up, you be loyal to God, you don't give in and you will have supernatural faith. Because the warriors faith is not just to care for himself but to care for others and the needy.

So therefore, it requires us to upgrade our faith. If you can recognise for yourself, where are you standing in your faith? Everything and anything God has given to us is never be meant for ourselves but to be given."

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Harvest Glory

"The impression must be of the Cross, not us."

Harvest Glory

Rev. Dr. Steven Francis