Preparing a House of Prayer for the End Times.

In the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic back in the year 2020, Almighty God sovereignly moved Rev. Dr. Steven Francis, his family, and the headquarters of Rivers of Life Apostolic Ministries to the chosen land of North Carolina, USA. Even before Dr. Steven Francis set foot on the land, the LORD has made His divine will known to His prophet through a supernatural visitation for a prophetic prayer barn to be established in Kings Mountain.

One evening in 2019 while ministering in South Africa, Dr. Steven Francis was translocated in the spirit to the very land which the Lord has instructed him to purchase. In the encounter, Dr. Steven Francis was counseled by a Heavenly Saint that the prophetic prayer barn to be has been commissioned as a house of prayer where the Lord’s last-days army will be taught and trained in supernatural translocations, travailing intercessory prayers, and the end-times prophetic lifestyle. The materials and specifications  of the prayer barn as ordained by Heaven was made known to Dr. Francis just as the Lord spoke to Prophet Moses in the Book of Exodus about the specifications of The Tabernacle.

Fast forward 3 years later and the building of The King’s Prayer Barn will soon commence. Rivers of Life Apostolic Ministries, Steven Francis Ministries, and the Jesus My King Church Network are all thriving in the will of God and preparing the way for  The King of Glory. Get connected if you have not done so and partake in the coming harvest together with us. 

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