2024-2025 Itinerary

Discover our upcoming events around the world. Meet with Dr Steven Francis as he ministers at these various locations.


Jan 1-7 Voice of The Lord Conference, Shelby NC

Feb 13-15 Prepare Conference Singapore 

Feb 20-22 Prepare Conference Indonesia, Jakarta

Mar 7-8  Prepare Youth Conference USA

Mar 20-22 Prepare Conference 2025 USA, Charlotte


Jan 1-7 Voice of the Lord Conference - Shelby, NC

Jan 16-23 By My Spirit Prophetic Conference, Bangalore, India

Feb 1-3 Pastors and Leaders Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia

Feb 9-11 Prophetic Conference Semarang, Indonesia

Apr 18-20 Prepare Conference, NC, USA

May 24-27 Vietnamese Prophetic Conference, California USA

June 10-12 Last Days Prophetic Conference, California USA 

Jul 11-13 Prayer Intensive Institute, Shelby NC USA

Jul 26-29 Christ the King, Texas USA