Voice of the Lord

Letter to Partners

Letter to Partners
Dear Partners and Friends of Rivers of Life and Jesus My King churches,
I take pleasure in the Lord to remember you in my prayer and fasting. At the point of writing this email, I am in my days of fasting as I seek the Lord's Word and counsel for 2024. 

Together with your partnership, we have come this far by faith and more to accomplish for the glory of the Lord in the coming days. I will share more of what God has shown me during our Seven Days of Fasting and Prayer from Jan 1st to the 7th. There will be a service every night except when it is a Sunday. If you can join us in person, please do. If unable, watch live service online via our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/@JesusMyKingChurch
Prayer Barn Update : 
Demonic powers are challenging the Prayer Barn and its construction. No work from God goes unchallenged. As people from God, we must prevail in prayer and the spirit, pushing out the forces of darkness.

We need to raise USD1 million. We have raised to date $400,000. Many of the engineers' and architects' drawings are being updated as the City of Kings Mountains updates new requirements. We also have the expenses of the Project Manager's fees to pay and other technical drawing requirements by the officials. From a simple project, city officials are now assessing it as a Commercial Zone project. Hence, the cost is higher than earlier projections.

Praise God, we have found a reliable Project Manager to oversee the project while I want to give myself more to fast and pray, seek God's grace to complete the project, and study the Word to teach the people of God (Acts 6:4).

On March 22, 2019, I was transported in the spirit to the land where the Prayer Barn was to be built. I have attached the actual approved building for you to envision in your spirit and speak the words of faith, "And it came to pass." 
God commissioned me as His servant to build him a House of Prayer. This will be a place of translation. It will be a place of prayer for the remnant. It will be a place where people will teach the - The School of Prayer - to grow spiritually. I am developing the curriculum now. The School will have three stages of growth. A place of gathering of prayer warriors to storm the gates of hell.

Sometimes, I think, "Why teach more when this country has many prayer giants? People are drawn to them. I am just a simple and small ministry guy." The Lord is His mercy, who knows the thoughts of our hearts, spoke to me yesterday in the encounter. He said again, "Teach My people how to flow in the supernatural. How to enter My presence and to operate under Open heavens."

Knowing I obey the Lord's counsel, I press forward to complete God's will. Would you stand with me in prayer and a special first fruit giving or a monthly faith support for the Prayer Barn Project? Only God has moved the heart of a man. Many have stood with us and supported us. I am asking for your intercession that God will open the windows of heaven and provide for His work.
Rivers of Life Missions Update:
Following the Lord's counsel, we partnered with Rev. Nidia's ministry in Charlotte, NC, and ministered in South American missions. The power of God touched thousands of lives as we ministered as a team.

We want to become more effective in the mission field as the Lord enables us to serve. There is a need for a prophetic revival and to hear the Word of the Lord for the nations. Many pastors who came for these meetings were touched and restored by God with a renewed passion for the Lord. When the pastors are touched, then the church is encouraged.

We were able to donate food and school stationeries to the children there. Our team prayed for many children who cried as the power of God touched them. We pray that God will enable us to do so in the coming days.

Prepare Conference - April 18-20, 2024
Mark your dates to join us for this conference, as God has blessed with Brother Lou Engle and Brother Chris Berglund, to minister along with me. My heart is stirring towards Prayer. God is pushing in the threshold of prayer to seek Him together. It is going to be glorious. Here are some details:

Dates: April 18-20 2024
Venue: 7541 Lawyers Rd, Charlotte NC 28227 Power of God Church
Spanish translation available
Daily Children Ministry for Ages 5-12 by Sister BJ Jenkins (from 2-4pm)

$100 early bird tlil end Feb 2024
$125 per person ($75 youth ages 13-17 in 2024)
$75 online livestream with 7 days playback

Block these dates now and do keep a lookout for online registration being open via

King's School of Prophets 2024
Date: September 19-21 2024
Venue: Jesus My King Church, Shelby NC
Host: Mentor Dr Steven Francis and invited guest speakers
Course Title: KSOP 2
This is open to new students as well as graduates of KSOP Shelby (2020) and KSOP Lakecity (2022).

For those who are unable to attend this course, you can access the KSOP1 training resource here: https://stevenfrancis.org/products/the-kings-school-of-prophets-video-manual

Stand With Us
I encourage you to stand with us in faith, believing God will use us for His glory. We will carry the uncompromising word of the Lord—your giving counts.

May the Lord bless you and your family in this New Year 2024.

Lovingly , your brother

Steven Francis